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Do you ever think about the fact that it’s canon Anders swam from the Circle of Magi tower to the Spoiled Princess, a distance which, in the Dragon Age books seems to be about an hour to two hour trip by boat, trying to get free from the Circle?

People don’t do that sort of shit for funzies. 

You do that sort of thing because you’re desperate.

This was already making me sad, until I reminded myself that at the time of this particular escape, Anders was still an apprentice. As in, he probably hadn’t even hit twenty yet, at the very oldest, and was likely more in the ballpark of around fifteen or sixteen.

It should tell you something about both Anders and the Circle that, as a teenager, he was willing to swim over an hour, just so he could get a shot at freedom.

And for what? It’s not like he had anyone waiting for him out there. He was a sixteen year old in a foreign country who knew next to no one outside of the Circle. His family was thousands of miles away and/or didn’t even want their mage child back. 

He didn’t know what he would eat, where he would sleep, how he would evade the templars, and whether or not they would just brand him a malificar and run him through, like they did to Aneiren. And he couldn’t rely on other people, since there’s a good chance that most of them would just turn him in to the nearest chantry, where he’d be marched straight back to the Circle in chains. He was basically running blind with a wolf snapping at his heels the whole way.

And he still considered this better than staying in the Circle. 


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