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Has anyone giffed those bits in Deep Breath where the Doctor is talking to the Half-Face Man and he talks about how he prefers to be down on the streets where everything/everyone is bigger and important, and the bit where he says “they are never small to me” yet? Because that viewpoint is one of my favourite things about the Doctor, so getting to see it right off the bat in Twelve’s first episode was really important to me. :’)

nexttrickanvils sent: Antivian leather boots, Cap's shield, a TARDIS figurine, the Mad Hatter's hat, the sword String, and a plush of Clyde the Tortoise

vespidaequeen sent: Zevran, Merrill, Thorin?

Zevran: Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Hot | Sexy | LORD MERCY

Merrill: Not My Type | Alright | Cute | AdorableHot Utterly Lovely | Sexy | LORD MERCY

Thorin: Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Hot | Sexy | LORD MERCY